19 Aug

The Strange Sound Of Motown’s Early Hollywood Years
(Review of the Mowest anthology)
On All Things Considered (July 14, 2011)

Global Soul with Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl
(Concert review)
In Los Angeles Times (July 25, 2011)

Jay-Z And Kanye West: Stuck In Cruise Control
(Review of Watch the Throne)
On All Things Considered (August 9, 2011)

Rock the Bells’ classic fixation
(Concert preview)
In Los Angeles Times (August 19, 2011)


1 Jun

Take a Look: Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia
(Boxset review)
On All Things Considered (May 12, 2011)

Surf guitar strikes a chord in Peru
(Column on Peruvian cumbia)
In the Los Angeles Times (May 22, 2011)

A poet with soul: The ballads of Gil Scott-Heron
(Column on the music of Gil Scott-Heron)
In the Los Angeles Times (June 2, 2011)


1 Apr

Model Minority Juggle Race, Politics and Humor
In Los Angeles Times (March 22, 2011)

The Secret History Of Chicago Salsa
(CD Review of Salsa Boricua de Chicago)
On All Things Considered (March 30, 2011)

Mystery solved: “Bronco” settles Mobb Deep sampling question that’s remained hidden since ’95
In LA Times (April 5, 2011)


1 Jan

Tammi Terrell: Remembering Motown’s Lost Star
(CD Review)
On NPR’s All Things Considered (Jan 6, 2011)

1000 #1s: The 1990s
In Billboard Magazine (Feb 26, 2011)


1 Nov

Syl Johnson: Soulful Like Marvin, Funky Like James
On NPR’s All Things Considered (Nov 10, 2010)

Behind Koreatown’s Far East Movement, a deep history
In Los Angeles Times (Nov 10, 2010)

Kanye West Gets ‘Twisted,’ But Misses The Beauty
(CD Review)
On NPR’s All Things Considered (Nov 22, 2010)


1 Sep

Why Common’s ‘Resurrection’ Is Worth A Deluxe Box Set
(CD Review)
On NPR.org (Oct 15, 2010)

John Legend and the Roots Try to “Wake Up” Old Soul
(CD Review)
On NPR.org (Sep 29, 2010)

Alton Ellis: Mr. Soul of Jamaica
In Wax Poetics (Issue 43, Sep. 2010)


1 Aug

Harvey Fuqua: From Doo-Wop to Disco
(Music List)
On NPR.org (July 13, 2010)

MIA: Maya
(CD Review)
On NPR’s All Things Considered (July 13, 2010)

Cut Chemist Plays With African Sounds
In Los Angeles Times (August 8, 2010)


1 Jun

California Funk @ Funky Sole
(Concert Preview)
In LATimes.org (May 21, 2010)

Chicano Batman @ the Paramount
(Concert Preview)
In LATImes.org (May 27, 2010)

Tyronne and Carr: Take Me With You
In Wax Poetics (Issue 40)


1 Apr

Erykah Badu: New Amerykah Part 2
(CD Review)
On NPR.org (April 8, 2010)

Island Survivor: interview with Lost writer Melinda Hsu
In Asia Pacific Arts (April 13, 2010)

International Flavor: interview with Lost’s Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
In Asia Pacific Arts (April 13, 2010)

Freeway and Jake One: Stimulus Package
(CD Review)
On NPR’s All Things Considered (April 14, 2010)

Keith Elam dies at 47
In Los Angeles Times (April 20, 2010)

The Mass Appeal of Gang Starr
(Music List)
On NPR.org (April 21, 2010)

Guru: Hip-Hop’s Elder Statesman Dies Young
On NPR’s All Things Considered (April 23, 2010)

Hit the Floor: A B-Boy/Girl Workout
(Music List)
On NPR.org (April 28, 2010)


20 Jan

Shining a Light on Chicago’s South Side
(Book/Album Review)
On NPR.org (January 21, 2010)

Edan’s ‘Echo Party’ An Exhilarating Ride
(CD review)
From NPR.org (January 25, 2010)

One Diva At A Time: R&B At The Grammys
From NPR.org (January 29, 2010)

Sade: A Skeletal ‘Soldier Of Love’
(CD Review)
From NPR.org (February 12, 2010)

‘Africa Boogaloo': An Intro To Afro-Latin Music
(CD Review)
From NPR.org (February 17, 2010)

Cumbia Moderna De Soledad: Fela Around The World
(Song of the Day)
From NPR.org (February 18, 2010)

3 Titans: A Hip-Hop Ode To Knowledge And ‘College’
(Song of the Day)
From NPR.org (February 24, 2010)

Divine Inspiration Sparks ‘Fire’ And ‘Funk’
(CD Review)
From NPR’s All Things Considered (February 24, 2010)